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Yes Man

Open your mind to find other possibilities in life. There was a book title “Yes Man” published in 2005. 3 years later a movie studio by the name of Warner Bros. distributed the movie back in 2008. Carl Allen was played by non other Jim Carry. From a bank loan officer Carl’s been suffering from his divorce, he became negative. Friendships were broken and was troubled from his job. Carl wasn’t living spiritually, he wasn’t happy. The unexpected happen, he met a former colleague; he suggested Carl should go to a motivational seminar which encourages people to say yes to every opportunity, request, and invitation for a year. A covenant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEzQiWb9FZk

Carl evidently lived spiritually. He renewed his friendship with the people at his work, earned a corporate promotion and saved a suicidal man with the guitar lessons he had. Carl started to become happy, he’s living life. Along his journey he met a woman by the name of Lucy. At one point, Lucy asked Carl if he could move in with her, but he remained hesitant and denied the request. Later he met a friend as she asked if he could stay for the night. He denied. Carl’s luck takes a turn and ended up becoming worse, so he ended his commitment to the covenant. The leader of the “Yes” seminars is run by a named Terrance. Carl ended up running into Terrance and Carl told him that he wanted to end the “Yes” covenant. Terrance told him there was no covenant, he wanted Carl to open his mind to other possibilities in life. 


Birdman is an Academy Award Best Picture Nominee for this year. Birdman is a breathtaking one shot film that focuses on a retired movie star named Riggan Thomson. A man with all the fame he had now old and forgotten. Thomson has put all of his time and money to make his one play in a local theater. Thomson struggled along the way with drinking, conflicts with his leading actor, his daughter and a journalist who threaten Thomas for the worst play in history. Thomson almost attempted suicide. This movie describes the life of Riggan Thomson and his struggles of not accepting his past fame is over.

Thomson life all “This is Me”, we describe our lives explaining our great moment. For this film it showed Thomson great moment. Creating one the greatest plays and showing his Birdman retirement is not over. Thomson did not describe his life with words, but with the conversations he had with his ex-wife and his daughter shows his background. He has failed and is looking for that “one comeback” to his career. Thomson succeeded with his suicide attempt and his appearance walking with his underwear around New York City.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This film connects to us as we had to describe our best moment. My best moment is when I found out I lost 60 pounds. We all can remember the best moment we had in our lives whether it would be meeting up with friends, walking on the beach and meditating.

12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave(2013). From director Steve McQueen. Written by John Ridley. Winner of Best Picture in the Academy Awards and making over $100 million in profit. Steve McQueen is the first black producer to win an Oscar.

In 1841, a free African American violinist by the name of Solomon Northup lived in New York with his wife and two children. Approached by two men for a musical job in D.C, Solomon was kidnapped and delivered to a slave pen. A plantation owner William Ford purchased Solomon or “Platt” but sold to another plantation “Epps” owner before being killed by Ford’s plantation carpenter. Suffering under the command of Epps, Solomon made of friend Patsey. The slaves will be beaten if they did not pick 200 pounds of cotton everyday. Patsey picks 500 a day. An outbreak occurred, leading the slaves to a new owner(Bass) for the time being. Patsey absence led Epps in furious rage. Encouraged by his wife, Patsey was brutally wiped by Epps and Solomon. Creating thick scars tearing through her 3rd layer of skin. Solomon wrote a letter to his freinds in the North and gave it to a former overseer Armsby with his life savings. Betrayed, and denying that he wrote the letter when Epps discovered. Telling his life situation to a carpenter, weeks later a local sheriff questions Solomon if he knew a man named Parker, a shopkeeper he once knew. Saved and return home with his family with his daughter married. Solomon begged forgiveness for his absence.

In the creativity videos, it talked about being scared and motivation. In the arcade video, Caine never had any customers for his arcade until one man changed it all. In the vlogbrothers video, they talked about life being terrifying. Knowing the horror and mysteries in the world and what they are capable of.  Solomon was scared throughout the film; witnessing slaves being hung as well as himself, whipped, Patsey begging him to kill her, and tricked by a slave for his freedom. Solomon was also motivated to stay alive and survive. “I will survive. I will not fall into despair. I will keep myself hardy to freedoms opportune.” Waiting 12 years, one man saved Solomon and reunited with his family once again.  Justin



The Pursuit of Happiness

From Columbia Pictures. “The Pursuit of Happiness” was directed Gabriele Muccino. Written by Steven Conrad. Stars Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. The film was release in December of 2006. Contending for award nominations. With a budget of $55 million, this movie made over $300 million worldwide. A profit of at least $190 million.


In 1981,  a San Francisco salesman(Chris Gardner) invest his entire life savings to a bone density scanner. Unable to pay the rent, Chris’s financial struggle caused a divorce, later taking custody of his son. Chris took an unpaid internship job at a stock building. Eventually, the IRS consumed all of the money in Chris’s bank account for unpaid parking tickets; evicted from his motel room, Chris and his son Christopher is homeless. What made Chris kept on moving forward was the meaning of happiness, the pursuit of happiness. In the film, the stock internship hires one intern out of a group of twenty. Chris received that intern job. Decades later, Chris landed a multi million dollar deal.

What makes you happy? Is it spending for others? Unplugging your devices? In the film, Chris gave $5 to his internship boss. He sold a bone density scanner that will support him for another month. He is with his son everyday. Is he happy? Are you happy? A happy person cultivate resilience. Chris failed to sell his scanner to doctors, each denying his offer or cancelling a meeting. After dozens of attempts, he sold one. Giving him four more weeks of oxygen. Are you trying to be happy? Bankrupt, divorced, and evicted. Chris managed to stay happy in front of everyone. If you are ever feeling blue, try to be happy. Spend money on other people. Exercise. Listen to good music. Look at the positives and ignore the negatives. Unplug your computer and phone; go outside, enjoy the weather and be free.  Don’t worry, be happy. Justin.

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta(2005). Directed by James McTeigue. Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski. And distributed my Warner Bros. Pictures. V for Vendetta is based on a DC Comics 1982 vertigo graphic novel by David Lloyd and Alan Moore. Warner Bros. originally was going to release the film on Friday, November 4, 2004. A day before the 400th Guy Fawkes Night(but delayed).

The film takes place in the year 2020. The world is corrupted and in turmoil. The United Kingdom is the only country that’s stable, being ruled by a fascist party. On November 5. A women works for Britain Television Network(BTN) and was rescued by Guy Fawkes masked man who is named “V” from attempted rape by the members of the secret police. “V” manage to use BTN and urges the citizens of Great Britain to stand over their government, promising to destroy the House of Parliament. “V” mission has been complete. Later he died in the women’s arm Evey. Tells that he loves her, thanks her, and dies. Killed by the government.


Who is Guy Fawkes? Guy Fawkes was one of the members of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. A group of Catholics attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill James l. Ever since Henry Vlll became king. England was split into two with the Catholics and Protestants, constantly fighting over control of the throne.

The Gunpowder Plot only had five members, but eventually grew into thirteen. They began to stockpile the barrels of gunpowder in a cellar under the Parliament. The Parliament meet on November 5,but King James men discovered  the stockpile. Fawkes was discovered. He was captured, tortured, and confessed of the plot. Later was executed. King James decreed that the plot of the event shall be remembered, starting its anniversary.

This is the connection between the film and England’s past. Guy Fawkes and “V” attempted to destroy the Houses of Parliament, to stop the corruption in England(Splitting of Catholic and Protestant-the corrupted fascist government).The graphic novel was inspired by this event, which was created into film decades later.

Written by Justin