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The Big Mistake

Jason is his name. He was called at his school office by the police. Jason was asked a couple questions to wonder why he made the bomb threat to his school.

The day before. Jason is in math class. Being handed back his homework there was a disturbing drawing. Eventually Jason lost his temper and whispered to himself he will bring a grenade to his school. The problem was the classmates around him heard him. On the following day, they reported him to the front office.

The next day. Jason was called to the front office during his first period class, he was actually very confused because he had never been called to the office. The head office explained why he is here. 30 minutes later. 4 policemen entered into the room and confronted him.

Jason honestly explained why he made the bomb threat and the policemen understood. They had a few laughs but they still need to do their jobs. They checked his house. Called his father and relatives to see if he has any weaponry. When school ended he walked home. He knew the trials and the wrath that will be poured upon his family/relatives. He was yelled at, families wanted to have personal talks him. Why he did what he did. They blamed a lot of things for his actions. Video games were on of them. Some thought he is a 7 year old child who doesn’t know better.

Evidently his entire family doesn’t trust him anymore. They know think of him as a 7 year old. With the mentality of it as well. Jason never really done anything bad. He just lost his temper. But what he has done is what cost him his freedom and his trust to all his family until the day he moves out.