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Our Own Little Masters

Society is suffering from a virus, and they are living in our pockets. It gives us pleasure and joy, not just me but all of us. From my personal experience I can truly say to you, smartphones are the ones infecting our day-to-day habits.

We have our own little masters, our smartphones. I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of this, I use my phone for a good amount. I check a few websites, Facebook, Snapchat, watch YouTube. But if there are situations where i must put it away, such as school, I will do just so. But I’ve been noticing for years, why are people depending so much on their phones. As a teenager I can only speak my age. Our attention spans last for only a few seconds. I was sitting next to a girl class, she always looks at her phone, she can never take her eyes off it. She puts it down and five seconds later, she uses her phone again. And my teacher became furious, I don’t blame him.

We are glued to our phones. We depend too much on them. In my school I cant walk through a class room without tripping on at least one phone charger cord on the wall. We never put our phones away during class. We constantly take pictures or videos, finding the best ones, choosing a filter, etc.

This is something I cant understand. We are desperate for attention and what our friends are doing. We will record or say ridiculous things( fire challenge, stupid vines, screaming for viewers) and we all use our phones to achieve that.

We live freely out of school. School has health class. Why not have a technical ed. class. Smartphones are now part of our lives. We need to be educated. Our teachers must show us discipline. If we use our phones, more homework and quiz’s for us.