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Yes Man

Open your mind to find other possibilities in life. There was a book title “Yes Man” published in 2005. 3 years later a movie studio by the name of Warner Bros. distributed the movie back in 2008. Carl Allen was played by non other Jim Carry. From a bank loan officer Carl’s been suffering from his divorce, he became negative. Friendships were broken and was troubled from his job. Carl wasn’t living spiritually, he wasn’t happy. The unexpected happen, he met a former colleague; he suggested Carl should go to a motivational seminar which encourages people to say yes to every opportunity, request, and invitation for a year. A covenant.

Carl evidently lived spiritually. He renewed his friendship with the people at his work, earned a corporate promotion and saved a suicidal man with the guitar lessons he had. Carl started to become happy, he’s living life. Along his journey he met a woman by the name of Lucy. At one point, Lucy asked Carl if he could move in with her, but he remained hesitant and denied the request. Later he met a friend as she asked if he could stay for the night. He denied. Carl’s luck takes a turn and ended up becoming worse, so he ended his commitment to the covenant. The leader of the “Yes” seminars is run by a named Terrance. Carl ended up running into Terrance and Carl told him that he wanted to end the “Yes” covenant. Terrance told him there was no covenant, he wanted Carl to open his mind to other possibilities in life.