Your Boring Year

Hey, do you remember that time where you got put into an English language underdevelopment class? Or that time out of nowhere you had dog poo on your pants randomly? You were not as smart as you are today. You have improved a lot. You are much more healthier than before. You are no longer fat, you are mentally smarter in every way. i’m surprised that you were actually only good with gangs and druggies. It doesn’t fit your character at all. Yet they took you in. I’m just glad you didn’t do anything they did and didn’t turn into one them.

Nothing really happened in your freshman year. Nothing too big took place in your freshman year. You never went to any events. Dances, sports games, etc. Well you did had reasons of not going.

Your freshman year was nothing important. You just mainly had a lot of laughs for telling jokes. Your true hihg school experience happened in sophomore year.

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