The Future

We worry more about tomorrow rather than today. We can’t enjoy our lives because we stress about the test next week, the job interview, and the family lectures. So on and so forth. Has there ever come a time where you step aside from the events from tomorrow or next month and actually focused on today?

We fear the future because it is unknown to us. The world and the people around us are not very friendly and selfish. We don’t know what they’ll do to us. They even have the power to from our future. If I apply for a job, the manager will have the full right to hire me or not. We want to hold on to the things that are dear to us. Our friends, family, possessions, etc.

We worry about tomorrow because we want things to work out and plan the way we want it to.

It is best to spend our energy on today. It’s alright to lose the little things in life and trust that what ever tomorrow holds, it will still be as the same as today.

There is absolute control of today. Do what you want to do today. Want to see a movie. Take a 3 hour nap. Chat with friends. It’s not hard picking up the phone and make the decision. Living today is what sets up tomorrow.

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