What does Obesity do to you?

Can humans notify their mistakes before they create it? Can they take responsibility for their actions? Obesity comes to mind; it’s a disease that is shown both on the inside and outside of our body, plaguing you mentally.

From personal experience, Bathroom was an issue for obvious reasons. Digestive system wasn’t working properly. Eating a meal on Sunday would come out Tuesday. Breath smelled like rotten eggs from the fattening food that was consumed. Heart burns occur every other week. If I had not changed my eating and exercising habits diabetes would occur. Obesity on a physical condition causes insecurity. Faces looks like a marshmallow with small noses. Fingers looks like it has frostbites and the body looks inflated. Without taking responsibility for our actions the body will not be fully stable. A solution nowadays are diet pills, or simply walking 30 minutes a day. A faster improvement could be running and having healthy diet. But they intend to sit in their chairs and be entertained.

On a mental condition however, causes depression and loneliness. Obesity causes food addiction which “ causes withdrawal from society, friends and loved ones” causing loneliness, making them “vulnerable to their feelings”(obestiy.ygoy.com). This triggers distorted image of your body and low self-esteem because they cannot be accepted. They sustain their depression from over eating to satisfy with their needs. Obesity can be avoidable and cured. For eating it is best “cutting back on portion size” which will  “help you balance energy in and energy out” and maintain a healthy intestine and stomach (nhlbi.nih.gov).

On a physical condition, it is very simple. Exercise or play a sport. Running is the most common way to lose fat and simply the fastest. Lifting weight does not burn fat only build muscles. Obese individuals do not take responsibility for their actions; therefore, they suffer from food addiction and and loneliness. Obesity can be prevented and restored by a simple diet and constant exercise.  

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