How I Lost 67 Pounds in 2 Months!

I was formerly obese. Now, I am skinny as a stick. I had to plan out my daily schedule around June of 2014 and began in July. My diet and exercising schedule. Starting off with the diet. Its similar to a caveman diet. I cannot eat junk food, processed food, candy, or anything that isn’t real. I have to eat breakfast everyday, Lunch is optional, and did not eat dinner at all. I can only drink water and milk(for breakfast). i had to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and cut back 95% of the meat I normally consumed.

In addition, I’d also done a water diet. I consume water everyday(at least 15 water bottles) for one week straight without eating anything. And repeat the cycle every other week.

As for the exercising portion. I wake up everyday at 4 am and run. I sprint 10 miles everyday with only 3 brakes, with the exception of traffic lights. Each brakes are 5 seconds long. If i rest for 15 seconds, I cannot stop until I finish sprinting 10 miles, no excuses. For those who are reading this post. If you need to find a place to run, I recommend a park. There’s a park a mile away from my house that is 4 miles long. I ran there. I don’t go to the gym, so has soon has I return I do home work outs. 100 sets of push-ups, side-ups, jumping jacks, squats, etc. After I completed those sets, I walk over to my local swimming pool and swim for 4 miles. I repeat this exercising and eating habit everyday for 2 months straight.

This method may be for everyone, but it does work. I didn’t believe in myself that I could do this. I never received any support from family and friends. And receiving “you lost a ton of weight” quotes were very satisfying.

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