12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave(2013). From director Steve McQueen. Written by John Ridley. Winner of Best Picture in the Academy Awards and making over $100 million in profit. Steve McQueen is the first black producer to win an Oscar.

In 1841, a free African American violinist by the name of Solomon Northup lived in New York with his wife and two children. Approached by two men for a musical job in D.C, Solomon was kidnapped and delivered to a slave pen. A plantation owner William Ford purchased Solomon or “Platt” but sold to another plantation “Epps” owner before being killed by Ford’s plantation carpenter. Suffering under the command of Epps, Solomon made of friend Patsey. The slaves will be beaten if they did not pick 200 pounds of cotton everyday. Patsey picks 500 a day. An outbreak occurred, leading the slaves to a new owner(Bass) for the time being. Patsey absence led Epps in furious rage. Encouraged by his wife, Patsey was brutally wiped by Epps and Solomon. Creating thick scars tearing through her 3rd layer of skin. Solomon wrote a letter to his freinds in the North and gave it to a former overseer Armsby with his life savings. Betrayed, and denying that he wrote the letter when Epps discovered. Telling his life situation to a carpenter, weeks later a local sheriff questions Solomon if he knew a man named Parker, a shopkeeper he once knew. Saved and return home with his family with his daughter married. Solomon begged forgiveness for his absence.

In the creativity videos, it talked about being scared and motivation. In the arcade video, Caine never had any customers for his arcade until one man changed it all. In the vlogbrothers video, they talked about life being terrifying. Knowing the horror and mysteries in the world and what they are capable of.  Solomon was scared throughout the film; witnessing slaves being hung as well as himself, whipped, Patsey begging him to kill her, and tricked by a slave for his freedom. Solomon was also motivated to stay alive and survive. “I will survive. I will not fall into despair. I will keep myself hardy to freedoms opportune.” Waiting 12 years, one man saved Solomon and reunited with his family once again.  Justin



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