The Pursuit of Happiness

From Columbia Pictures. “The Pursuit of Happiness” was directed Gabriele Muccino. Written by Steven Conrad. Stars Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. The film was release in December of 2006. Contending for award nominations. With a budget of $55 million, this movie made over $300 million worldwide. A profit of at least $190 million.


In 1981,  a San Francisco salesman(Chris Gardner) invest his entire life savings to a bone density scanner. Unable to pay the rent, Chris’s financial struggle caused a divorce, later taking custody of his son. Chris took an unpaid internship job at a stock building. Eventually, the IRS consumed all of the money in Chris’s bank account for unpaid parking tickets; evicted from his motel room, Chris and his son Christopher is homeless. What made Chris kept on moving forward was the meaning of happiness, the pursuit of happiness. In the film, the stock internship hires one intern out of a group of twenty. Chris received that intern job. Decades later, Chris landed a multi million dollar deal.

What makes you happy? Is it spending for others? Unplugging your devices? In the film, Chris gave $5 to his internship boss. He sold a bone density scanner that will support him for another month. He is with his son everyday. Is he happy? Are you happy? A happy person cultivate resilience. Chris failed to sell his scanner to doctors, each denying his offer or cancelling a meeting. After dozens of attempts, he sold one. Giving him four more weeks of oxygen. Are you trying to be happy? Bankrupt, divorced, and evicted. Chris managed to stay happy in front of everyone. If you are ever feeling blue, try to be happy. Spend money on other people. Exercise. Listen to good music. Look at the positives and ignore the negatives. Unplug your computer and phone; go outside, enjoy the weather and be free.  Don’t worry, be happy. Justin.

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